About us

For more than 15 years we have been doing what we love and can be proud that our products have been able to win the trust and loyalty of hundreds of thousands of buyers in Latvia and Estonia. Our clients appreciated the opportunity to purchase beautiful, high-quality and fashionable clothes, while significantly saving their money.

As before, we strive to show that second-hand clothing can be needed and loved if we give it a second chance.

Having set the goal to be even closer to our customers and assessing the current situation and changes in the country and in the world in general, we came to the conclusion that we cannot NOT open an online store. Perhaps someone who is now reading this appeal, for some reason, cannot or does not want to physically visit our stores. Therefore, we want to bring you the most comfortable, positive online shopping experience. A unique product, a wide assortment, additional discount systems, bonuses - everything has been done to make the process of finding “your” thing the most enjoyable.

And in conclusion, I would like to mention how grateful we are for the fact that you are helping to save the planet for your and our children by purchasing goods in this segment.